Sangho Lee


2021 Jul - : Computer vision research & development
2020 Dec - 2021 Jul: Machine learning engineer at 11street
2019 Nov - 2020 Nov: AI engineer at Carrot Insurance
2013 Jul - 2019 Oct: Data analyst at Samsung Electronics

MS of data science at Seoul National University
BSc at the Korea University (computer science and mathematics)

Research Interest

  • Video representation learning
  • Generative modeling


  • Proficient programming skills in Python, C++, R and SQL
  • Experience with building advanced statistical methods including neural networks predictions in a big data environment
  • Experience with dealing both structured and unstructured data (Image, video, text, etc.)
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Calculus, Linear algebra, Probability, Computational algorithms and Dynamic programming
  • Self-motivated and consistently strive to improve performance

Skills and Certification

  • Programming: Advanced in Python with Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras and Scikit-Learn, Intermediate in C++ in Linux/Windows
  • Mathematics: Statistics, Linear algebra, Numerical analysis, Differential equation
  • Data: Statistical understanding of structured/unstructured data (Image, video, text, etc.), preprocessing, analyzing and modeling
  • Paper Implementation: Review and Implement ML/Deep learning papers (
  • Scholarship: National Science and Engineering Scholarship (Mar.2006~ )
  • Others:
    • OpenUP (Korea national opensource support center) frontier developer (Jun.2021 ~ )
    • Deep learning project mentoring (AI bootcamp by Ministry of Employment and Labor w/ Samsung Multicampus & SK) (Nov.2019 ~ )
    • Google machine learning bootcamp (Jan.2021)
    • Tensorflow Developer Certificate (Oct.2020)
    • Sales forecast competition contest top 10% model (Samsung Electronics) (Sep.2019)

Work Experience

Dec.2020 - 2021.Jul
Machine learning engineer @11 Street (E-commerce)
Seoul, Korea

  • Role: Improve search model

Nov.2019 ~ 2020.Dec
AI engineer @Carrot insurace (Insurance)
Seoul, Korea

  • Role: Insurance product development based on deep-learning technology
  • Project
    • Develop crack detection AI model for mobile phone insurance (Dec.2019~)
      • AI detection model to detect crack on customer’s mobile device
      • Extracts frames from videos and classifies screens, detects crack on the devices with CNN models
    • AI module implementation for classifying dog breed in Pet insurance (Jun.2020~)
      • Develop dog breed classification model

Jul.2016 ~ Oct.2019
Data analyst @Samsung Electronics AI team (Manufacturer)
Suwon, Korea

  • Role: Statistical analysis of user data and usage prediction (Samsung Pay, Bixby)
  • Project
    • Bixby user utterance analysis and market response prediction
      • Analyze usage data of Bixby from European market with natural language processing algorithms - Prioritize services / languages in each market for increasing retention rate and number of active users - 15% increase in Monthly Active Users has achieved
    • Service promotion strategy planning
      • Market clustering based on usage data and prioritize marketing target and planning for global expansion - Analyze correlation between each factor from usage/market data
    • Bixby / Samsung Pay business model setup
      • Predict user and amount of each service per countries based on historical data (Device expansion, churn rate, etc.)

Jul.2013 ~ Jun.2016
Data analyst @Samsung Electronics Procurement team (Manufacturer)
Suwon, Korea

  • Role: Semiconductor demand forecasting
  • Project:
    • Demand prediction based on product lifecycle, market response, sales history and seasonality
      • KNN clustering for market/semiconductor segmentation, Linear regression for long-term prediction
      • Prioritize semiconductors supply chain by with device/semiconductor correlation analysis
      • Stock amount decreased (over 10%) and Just-In-Time score has increased